Hi Jodie. I’ve just watched “Silenced”. Good on you ... and Peter & Anne for standing up & speaking out.... against this terrible crime against New Zealanders ... perpetrated by our totally corrupt media, MCNZ and mostly, our own government. Jacinda Ardern, Chris Hipkins, Ashley Bloomfield knowingly lied to us. This is now provable beyond any reasonable doubt. The amplification of their lies through our mainstream media frightened innocent, trusting, gullible kiwis into submission. Submission to a toxic, lethal experimental medical procedure that, sadly, has directly caused hundreds of deaths and thousands of permanent injuries. Thanks to your bravery we may see justice served one day.

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Silenced is such a beautifully filmed and well-reasoned documentary. Thank you all for the integrity and courage to make it and put it out there.

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A fantastic presentation on how the Government, medical fraternity, big pharma and a group of mislead ideologues perpetrated the greatest hoax (no, the virus is not a hoax.....the global reaction to it was) on not only NZ, but around the world. We crashed economies around the world, endangered the segments of society that actually were at risk, and then lied and cheated to keep from answering for it.

I have always said the biggest threat to true science is NOT being allowed to ask the hard questions. To keep being told "it's settled science" should have been an eye opener to everyone in the world! How else does science evolve and grow?

I was thrilled to hear that you guys believe any party that has a vested financial interest in the outcome of a debate, should not be involved in that debate. Especially when science and the health of a population is at stake. Big pharma has a lot to answer for, but unfortunately as the Royal Commission outlined, it is not going to be held accountable (nor is anyone else based on the items outside the scope).

In my opinion, the reason they did not want any questions asked is, their arguments aren't strong enough to withstand appropriate scrutiny, and therefore they have to destroy anyone who dares to try to ask those questions. This technique is alive and well with regard to a number of ideological arguments. If you can't win the debate, don't allow the debate!! To the other side, we aren't wrong, we are evil. Therefore they feel justified to use any means available to destroy us. After all, they believe they have the moral high ground so lying, cheating, stealing, stifling etc... is justified in their minds. And it appears, with regard to Covid-19, they have used every underhanded means to kill this debate.

Thank you, Peter, Anne and the whole team, for a great piece of journalism (that's pretty much dead nowadays) and for the courage you demonstrated in making this video. Keep up your efforts! The alternative if we give up the fight is too scary to contemplate.

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