Brilliant post - thank you so much for writing it.

The MOH co-constructed a set of initiatives to combat paediatric obesity. The initiatives are absolutely awful, so I was not surprised to discover that the MOH wrote them in collaboration with McDonalds, Coca Cola and a bunch of the other usual suspects. Fox-guarding-chicken-coup.

Imagine how much better off we would be if we scrapped all our ‘healthy’ eating guidelines, and replaced them with a single sentence: Just eat real food.

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Boom! Fantastic article thank you! You've captured this issue very well from multiple angles. Isn't it fascinating how quickly we forget that meat was touted as being so important for women and girls only a decade ago, but were is that now? I feel so much for our poor farmers, who we need to support more than ever now. Keep up the great work!

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Checked Jack's Supermarket price, New York City, on their meat specials (Chuck mince). Converted pound to kilogram, used current exchange rate. Works out to around $14.50 per kilogram.

Meat price probably varies hugely across the States though.

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So much to ruminate on here!

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Great post, thank you. So many excellent points.

Older people, male and female, are also vulnerable to iron deficiency, due to less efficient digestive systems and low incomes.

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I've just had a response re: the price of NZ mince in the US:

1 USD = 1.61015 NZD, 2.2lb/kg

American beef minced = USD 7.6/lb = USD 16.00/kg = NZD25.6

NZ minced beef =USD10.00 /lb = USD 22.00/kg = NZD 35.20


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I'm a male vegan and I doubt that I'll be changing my diet after 40 years but these new meat replacement products I feel are nutritionally deficient as well as giving us an unhealthy dose of various chemicals both in the plant growth stage and in their manufacturing stage. But meat too is full of antibiotics. I grew up on a diary farm btw so I know that industry is very fond of antibiotics.

But I will be showing this article (and the Spanish pdf) to my 20 something daughter who is vegetarian. She does have a bit of an issue with iron. And even though I think she will continue as a vegetarian it might prompt her to make sure she gets more iron from her diet.

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